Getting enough sleep is extremely important for those who are trying to cope with the stresses and strains of our modern lifestyle. Insufficient sleep has been linked to irritability and an inability to focus as well as lower levels of productivity. In extreme cases a lack of sleep can lead to deep depression. It also can contribute to the body craving energy from foods which are not conducive to a healthy lifestyle due to the lower capacity of the individual to make logical and healthy choices. All in all a lack of sleep can have enormous impacts on the lives of those who suffer from conditions such as insomnia.

One of the major causes of sleeplessness is an incorrect choice of pillows. However, all too often when we choose our pillows we make that choice based on expenditure – not whether a pillow is correct for our unique sleeping styles or our physical requirements. When buying a pillow the old saying that ‘you pay for what you get’ is true – however, is it really necessary to go for the very top of the range when it comes to pillow choices?

The answer is a qualified yes. There are a number of great pillows on the market that will really make a difference to your sleeping habits, including allowing correct neck alignment which reduces neck pain. If you suffer from allergies the correct pillow can make all the difference to your quality of life.

For those who want the ultimate in comfort there are natural fillings such as down. Down filled pillows tend to be very pricey. this is due to the fact that it takes many geese or ducks to supply the down to fill the pillows. In addition the gathering of the down is extremely labor intensive. However, the result is a pillow of superior softness. For those who want to stick with natural materials and do not mind paying a premium there are natural feather pillows that offer a far firmer sleep experience. Those who want to purchase a hypoallergenic goose down pillow can expect to pay in the region of a smidgen over $100 – but there are more expensive options available.

There is a drawback to the pillows that are filled with down and that is that those who may find themselves becoming restless at night due to the fact that they are hot will find that a down filled pillow will only make the problem worse. For these people the option of a memory foam pillow is an attractive one. Many of these pillows contain a beadlike material that actually reacts to changing body temperature, releasing heat when you become cold and retaining it when you are overheating. These pillows usually retail for just below $100.

If you find that your sleep is becoming restless due to discomfort or that you are continually finding that you wake up with a sore neck or are not feeling rested by the morning then it may be time to look for as new pillow. Regards that purchase as an investment – it is an investment in your health and productivity so it is worth spending a bit more.


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