The bed is your go-to haven. Whether you are ecstatic after a successful day at work and want to enjoy a comfortable sleep or cry your heart out after a breakup, the bed is your best friend. It deserves more attention than what you usually give. So, here are some of the bedroom hacks to keep in mind to make your bed a better place to be in:

  1. Add a faux-fur blanket

Want to enjoy a cozy afternoon binging on some of the best shows on Netflix. Chuck out the old blanket and bring a new faux-fur cover. They are available in a range of colors and sizes. Your bed will look far more luxurious with this cover, and it will soon become the best place to snuggle up whenever you want extra warmth.

  1. Upgrade the bedsheets

Sometimes, upgrading your bedsheet can turn out to be an excellent way to make your friend a better place to sleep. If you are already using cotton sheets, try upgrading to linen. Linen is far more comfortable than any other fabric. It is lightweight and is appropriate both during the summer when it keeps the bed cool, and in the winters when it can keep the bed warm and cozy.

  1. Hang string lights

If you want to make your bed the most attractive place in the house, you should try to make it look more appealing. Hanging string lights is an excellent way to improve the overall decor of the bed. It makes the bed look magical as you walk inside the room. Hang the lights behind thin curtains to give an amber effect. Choose yellow-colored lights instead of blue or red.

  1. Add more pillows

A friendly bed is not just about a comfortable mattress; it is also about the number of pillows you have. Only a couple of pillows may not be enough to suit the bed. Even if you are using a single bed, make sure there are enough pillows to make you sleep comfortably. It adds to the cozy factor making your bed the first place to drop your body after a hard day at work.

  1. Use a washable duvet cover

Sleeping top-sheetless is as luxurious as heck. If you are not aware of this, try using a washable duvet cover made of natural, soft fiber such as linen or cotton. It also cuts down the time to make your bed. You will not wake up in the morning with a ball of fabric around your sides or under the legs which is actually the bed sheet.

  1. A bedside lamp instead of an overhead light

You may already have string lights around the windows and on the walls, but a nice bedside lamp is an even better addition to make the bed look more attractive. Overhead lights are too conventional. They don’t add to the beauty of the room or the bed. There are hundreds of bedside lamps that will suit the size and style of your bedroom.

  1. Add a feather or foam pillow-top

The mattress matters a lot to make the bed comfortable. But if you are still not satisfied with the softness, you should buy a feather pillow-top pad. Tuck it under the bedsheet and over the mattress, and you will never complain about the comfort level of your bed again.

If you are picky about your bed and want it to be perfect, the above hacks will come to your rescue. The bed is undoubtedly your best friend as it has seen your happiness, sadness, and intimacies throughout. So, buckle up and show it your friendlier side as well.


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