There are 1.09 billion active users on Facebook every day. Your dream candidate may not be actively looking for a job, but there is a good chance that he has a Facebook account. Can you post jobs on Facebook?

Facebook is not only the most popular social network, but also a place to publish job offers and find qualified candidates. So many of us spend so much time on Facebook that it is a natural place to let people know that you employ.

When you publish a public post, anyone can see it. It also dominates all other channels in terms of sharing activity. Publishing job offers on Facebook makes it easier for employees and supporters to share offers from your site and increases the recruitment efforts on Facebook with a bit of viral wave.

Social recruitment is more than just clicking a link on a page and going. Here’s how to post a job offer on Facebook and make sure the right people can see and share it.
How to recruit well on Facebook?
One thing is to publish your work on Facebook, and the other is to successfully recruit high-quality candidates. We’ll show you our top tips for posting job offers on Facebook using the Facebook job offers feature.

1. Find out the difference between a job offer and a job description.
Put simply, a job description is a technical journal for internal use that describes the expectations, responsibilities, and qualifications associated with a given role. On the other hand, the job advertisement is written for external use – it aims to attract the attention of great candidates and get them to give up everything and apply for your position.

2. Begin the text of the entry with a question to which the candidates will answer ‘yes’.
Facebook Advertising Expert Amy Porterfield suggests that if you run an ad, you should start the text with a question that someone who reads it will answer “Yes”. This is a common theme that can be seen among Facebook job advertisements and advertising in general. This is because it works.

Can you post jobs on Facebook?

3. Promote your post for more reach and targeting.
Improving your post will make it seen by a much wider part of Facebook users, not just those who follow your page.

4. Direct the target group to the position on Facebook.
Facebook provides many ways to orientate your job so that the most relevant candidates can see it.

5. Maximize engagement with perfectly matched images.
The post image alone increases the likelihood of interacting with it by 230 percent. Make sure you use the right size photos to make your posts look good on Facebook and on all devices they connect to.

Job offers on Facebook allow employers to post job offers directly on their site. Employers can then display ads as ads and target potential employees. Job applications can be automatically filled in with candidate profile information, which applicants can edit.


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